Improve Your Health With Foods That Lower Your Cholesterol

Posted by Brent Robinette on June 14, 2014 under Health, Nutrition, Self Help | Comments are off for this article

Contrary to what most people know, cholesterol plays a vital role in ensuring the normal functions of the body, from the formation of neurotransmitters to the production of Vitamin D. However, individuals must ensure that they only consume the right amount of cholesterol that their body needs. Around one-third of the cholesterol level in the body is good for you. Any excess will have a negative effect on the body. This is why it is important for you to ensure that you have the right cholesterol levels.

Higher cholesterol level increases your chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. There are several ways that you can do to lower your cholesterol. One for the best and most effective ways is by having low cholesterol diets. This type of diet usually includes foods that are rich in fiber and natural vitamins. Some examples of these foods are:

Oats and Barley: These foods are excellent source of soluble fiber called beta glucan, which helps in preventing cholesterol from being absorbed in the body by binding it in the intestines. Oats and other high fiber cereals are ideal to be part of your diet plan since they have been proven effective when it comes to reducing bad cholesterol.

Soya: Soya products such as soya tofu, milk, yogurt, and nut have the capability to help the liver remove bad cholesterol out of the bloodstream. Some studies reveal that soya can also decrease the total cholesterol in the body. Experts advised that individuals take at least 2-3 portions of soya every day.

Nuts: Nuts are best consumed when they are in their natural form. This means that they have not yet salted, roasted, or glazed. Most nuts including walnuts and almonds contain polyunsaturated fats. They are also known to help in lowering LDL when consumed every day at 2 oz.

Fish: Different kinds of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help in reducing your risk experiencing heart attacks and blood clots. They are also known for lowering LDL cholesterol by replacing meats that are known for having saturated fats that boost LDL.

Fruits and Vegetables: All types of vegetables and fruits are low in saturated fats, keeping your fat intake low. They are also excellent sources of soluble fibers that are good in lowering cholesterol. Some of these are broccoli, sweet potato, prunes, apples, and strawberry. Citrus fruits such as oranges also contain soluble fiber known as pectin that traps cholesterol and removes them out of the body before being absorbed by the bloodstream.

Including these foods in your low cholesterol diets will make it easier for you to control your cholesterol level. You will be able to receive just the right amount of cholesterol that your body needs. There are also different menus that you can make out of these foods such as baked potato, vegetables on rice, steamed vegetables with skinless chicken breast, and tofu stir fry. By following these low cholesterol diets, you will not just reduce your cholesterol level but you will also start living a healthier life.