Women and Palmistry: Your Fate Lies in Your Hands

Posted by Brent Robinette on July 19, 2014 under Health, Self Help | Comments are off for this article

Ways of knowing one’s future and interpreting one’s personality have always been an interest of most people. One of the popular ways of knowing the future of a person is palmistry. Palmistry is a kind of fortune-telling by studying the palm of a person. A lot people are hooked with this type of fortune-telling but most of the aficionados of palmistry are women.

Women are either fond of doing palmistry or are regular customer of palm readers. Although both hands were used in palmistry, the hands used in reading sometimes depend on the age and gender of the person. In the case of women who are under the age of 30, they should have their right hand be read and analyze. The right hand reflects the current status and achievement of a woman’s personality and life.

Furthermore, there are major lines that tell about a woman’s life, health, love life and personality. One of the major lines is the heart line which lies across the top part of your palm starting from the index finger to the pinkie finger. As the line suggests, it reflects about one’s love life and heart health. A long line indicates serious dependence on the partner and a steady love life while a short line shows independence from the partner or having no interest in romantic relationships. The head line which is across the middle part of the palm reflects how a woman thinks. If it is a curvy line, a person has a creative mind while a straight line means that the person thinks seriously and straightforward. The life line which arcs starting from the thumb is an important line because it is the life line. It shows the person’s well-being, lifestyle and health. A deep and long line means a positive and healthy life while a shallow one means a life that is easily manipulated. The broken lines or gaps in the life line suggest struggles or major lifestyle change. Another major line that women should be keen to observe is the fate line. It shows the things wherein one does not have total control in. The fate line is the vertical line across the palm. If the fate line is lighter, it means that the person’s life is not totally governed by fate; thus, she has more freedom. But if the line is dark and prominent, it means that fate greatly affects that person’s life.

The position of the major lines also has important meanings. For instance, the heart line falls below the index finger it means that the person is contented with her love life, if it falls below the middle finger, she is selfish when it comes to love. If the heart line starts at the middle, it means that she is easy to fall in love with but if the line is short and straight, it means that she has no interest on love.

Palmistry is an interesting practice especially for women. One can interpret someone’s personality or can even tell someone’s future. Although it’s been a practice, mostly of women, for ages and even up to now, one should not heavily rely upon the interpretations of palmistry because they just serve as guide.