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Posted by Brent Robinette on February 20, 2014 under Food, General, Mom | Comments are off for this article

Idiot proof diet is the one of the safest diet plans used by most people. This diet has been made simple yet effective primarily in removing excess fats and in promoting weight loss. Aside from that, it can really change your usual eating lifestyle. You will never feel hungry with this diet due to the foods that you should eat. Many people have already tried this kind of diet and they were satisfied and happy with the result that it provided to them. This is one of the reasons why many people are encouraged to use and perform this kind of diet.

Actually, it utilizes a mechanism that was built in the system to remove the excess fats. This kind of diet includes a diet plan that has a diet handbook that contains helpful information on how to do the process properly. One of the information that it includes is the 10-day version of this diet which is the “More Casual Diet. In this version, you will be required to perform a continuous exercise routine in order to gain an immediate result. When you perform this diet for about 60 days, you will surely lose about 36 pounds of your weight. Both men and women can use this diet.


Three Phases

This idiot diet includes three phases and these three phases will surely help you lose your excess pounds. But, eating foods that contains more carbohydrates and caffeine is not allowed.

  • First phase

In this phase, you are permitted to eat foods that are low in carbohydrates every week so that you body will have a source of energy.

  • Second Phase

In the second phase, you can eat 40 to 100 grams of carbohydrate. However, it is not good when you eat more than the recommended amount.

  • Third Phase

You are freely allowed to continue eating those foods that are low in carbohydrates every week. You must limit yourself in eating this kind of foods so that your weight will not be added.

In these phases, aside from high level of carbohydrates and caffeine, refined sugars are not also allowed. You should avoid foods like desserts, pasta, rice, potato, and other foods that contain this unnecessary substance.

The recommended foods in this diet are cream, poultry, cheese, herb tea, avocado, butter, meat, nuts, and green vegetables. In the morning, you can eat tomato, and scrambled eggs. For lunch, you must have chicken Caesar (without croutons) and for dinner, don’t forget to eat lean beef and stir fried vegetables. For your snack, you can eat pistachio nuts in the morning and peanut butter as well as, raw celery in the afternoon. When it comes to deserts, you can eat sugar-free cream and jelly.

In this diet, you will never spend lots of money because most foods that you can eat when you follow this diet plan are affordable and are usually available in the market. So try to perform this idiot diet and to prove the immediate result that it gives especially when you perform it regularly.